Revitalize damaged hair with 100% organic Matcha Green Tea!

Ceremony hair matcha green tea healing mask

Magic Matcha

Lifeless, thin, dry damaged hair absolutely sucks. A little known secret is that green tea helps fix it! This lead us to develop this healing matcha green tea hair mask.

Specifically formulated with hand-picked tea leaves. This hair mask repairs damage fast, leaving hair soft and smooth after even one mask.

The Science Of

Matcha Green Tea

In 2007, a scientific paper was published in the Seoul National University College of Medicine* on the effects of green tea on hair growth.

What the researchers discovered is that green tea helps hair grow faster by stimulating hair growth in the scalps dermal papilla.

Other Key Matcha Elements

Amino Acids

Hair growth & repair.

Amino acids, are building blocks for the protein needed for hair growth, repair, recovery, and immunity.


Prevent split ends.

Matcha is a natural source of panthenol which softens and strengthens hair whilst preventing split ends.


Protects your hair from UV.

Antioxidants and vitamins c + e make your hair strands look healthy, and protects them from UV.


Prevents dandruff & psoriasis.

Matcha naturally helps reduce inflammation which prevents and cures dandruff and psoriasis.

100% natural, free of parabens

and most certainly not tested on animals.

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