Terms + Conditions

What kind of personal information does Ceremony Hair collect and how does Ceremony Hair collect it?

The type of information Ceremony Hair collects and holds includes (but is not limited to) personal information, as follows:

  • name, address, email and phone numbers of people ordering our product; and
  • if you have contacted us via Instagram then we ask for your Instagram name in relation to your feedback. We will ask you at the time some written information about your experience with the products.
  • We will place you on mailing list and collect your personal information when you respond to any pop ups on our website which invite you to join mailing list.

Personal information you provide:

Ceremony Hair will generally collect personal information from the website ordering or from any feedback you give via Instagram.  All information is collected electronically through our website through Shopify. If you tag us on social media or like us on Facebook then you will are deemed to have provided that content, including any photographs, to us.  If we re-tweet your tweet you are deemed to have provided that tweet to us.